Visiting Hours from Final Cut

VISITING HOURS is to be issued on dual-format Blu-ray/DVD by Final Cut in September. Sarring Michael Ironside, William Shatner and Lee Grant, Linda Purl, the film is directed by Jean Claude Lord. Deborah Ballin is a controversial middle-aged TV journalist, who is campaigning on air on behalf of a battered woman who murdered her abusive husband, claiming justifiable defence against the so-called victim. But her outspoken views championing women’s rights incense one of the studio’s cleaning staff, closet homicidal psycho (and misogynist) Colt Hawker whose deep seated despising all all things female occurred from seeing his Mother throwing boiling oil in the face of his abusive Father when he was a small child (and who’s M.O. is to photograph victims he stabs as they’re dying ).  The set has copious extras.