War of the Worlds: Where’s the Blu-Ray?

8mm spineBarry Forshaw writes: when I wrote for the BFI¬† a study of the original Pal/Haskin 1955 version of HG Wells’ The War of the Worlds, I lamented the lack of a Blu-Ray restoration. Nothing yet, but DVD Savant’s excellent Glenn Erickson tellls us: ‘A special screening (was) held at Paramount last Thursday night, in their massive main theater just a few blocks from Savant Headquarters: a ‘Special Effects Rewind’ screening of the studio’s 1953 Academy Award winner for visual effects, George Pal’s The War of the Worlds. The screening was attended by a number of notables, film collector friends, familiar producer friends and restoration staff from other studios. Critic Leonard Maltin, makeup man Rick Baker and director John Landis were in attendance, as well as Joe Abdo, a former child actor who appeared in the film. It was a reasonably good DCP of the feature, not a film print. The hosts / speakers for the evening were the noted film audio expert Ben Burtt, and the special effects author Craig Barron, who have appeared on more than a few Blu-ray special editions explaining special effects and other technical issues.’ .