William Castle at Columbia from Powerhouse

Coming from Powerhouse Indicator: WILLIAM CASTLE AT COLUMBIA, VOLUME ONE THE TINGLER (1959) 13 GHOSTS (1960) HOMICIDAL (1961) MR SARDONICUS (1961) Renowned for his imaginative and eccentric marketing ploys, William Castle became synonymous with delivering lurid horror films backed-up by his trademark publicity gimmicks (‘Illusion-O’, ‘Percepto’, the ‘Punishment Poll’, ‘Fright Breaks’, etc.). WILLIAM CASTLE AT COLUMBIA, VOLUME ONE features four classic fright films from the outrageous showman’s illustrious career with Columbia Pictures and presented on Blu-ray for the very first time in the UK. Containing a wealth of new and archival extras – including Jeffrey Schwarz’s acclaimed feature-length documentary Spine Tingler! The William Castle Story, newly filmed introductions and appreciations, exclusive new audio commentaries, interviews with actor Pamela Lincoln and publicists Barry Lorie and Richard Kahn, archival featurettes, and much more – this stunning Limited Edition Blu-ray Box Set is strictly limited to 6,000 copies. INDICATOR LIMITED EDITION BLU-RAY BOX SET

• High Definition remasters of all four films
• Original mono audio
The Tingler alternative feature audio options with stereo ‘Scream’ sequence, and with drive-in ‘Headlights’ sequence
The Tingler fully restored bathroom ‘blood’ scene, scanned in 4K from a rare 35mm print
• Alternative feature presentations of 13 Ghosts: the original ‘Illusion-O’ version (85 mins) and the original black-and-white version (83 mins) plus on-disc ‘Ghost Viewer’ options
The Tingler audio commentary by Jonathan Rigby, author of American Gothic: Six Decades of Classic Horror Cinema, and Kevin Lyons, editor of The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Film and Television
Homicidal audio commentary by author and film historian Lee Gambin
Mr. Sardonicus audio commentary with Daughters of Darkness’ Samm Deighan and Kat Ellinger
Spine-Tingler! The William Castle Story (2007, 82 mins): Jeffrey Schwarz’s acclaimed documentary on Castle, featuring interviews with John Landis, Joe Dante, Roger Corman, Stuart Gordon, Leonard Maltin, Budd Boetticher, Bob Burns, David Del Valle, Fred Olen Ray and John Waters among others
Spine Tingler! audio commentary with Jeffrey Schwarz and Terry Castle
Larger Than Life: The Making of ‘Spine-Tingler’ (2011, 9 mins)
Imaginary Biology (2018, 17 mins): a new appreciation of The Tingler by Kim Newman, author of Nightmare Movies
Scream for Your Lives!: William Castle and ‘The Tingler’ (1999, 16 mins): documentary featuring interviews with actor Darryl Hickman, archivist Bob Burns, author Lucy Chase Williams and film historian David Skal
I Survived ‘The Tingler’ (2018, 4 mins): an interview with actor Pamela Lincoln
Unleashing Percepto (2018, 3 mins): an interview with publicist Barry Lorie
Stephen Laws Introduces ‘13 Ghosts’ (2018, 13 mins): a personal appreciation by the acclaimed horror author
The Magic of ‘Illusion-O’: William Castle and ’13 Ghosts’ (2001, 8 mins): Bob Burns and filmmakers Michael Schlesinger and Fred Olen Ray discuss the film
Psychette: William Castle and ‘Homicidal’ (2002, 8 mins): Bob Burns and filmmakers David Del Valle, Michael Schlesinger and Fred Olen Ray discuss the film
Stephen Laws Introduces ‘Homicidal’ (2018, 8 mins): a personal appreciation by the acclaimed horror author
Homicidal: Youngstown, Ohio Premiere (1961, 5 mins): original promotional reel in which Castle interviews attendees of the film’s premiere
Gothic Castle (2018, 28 mins): a new analysis of Mr. Sardonicus by Jonathan Rigby
The Punishment Poll (2018, 6 mins): an interview with publicist Richard Kahn
Taking the Punishment Poll: William Castle and ‘Mr. Sardonicus’ (2002, 8 mins): Bob Burns, David Del Valle, Michael Schlesinger and Fred Olen Ray discuss Mr. Sardonicus
Ballyhoo!: Bob Thomas recalls the time he interviewed William Castle
• Isolated music & effects track on all four features
The Tingler and 13 Ghosts original theatre lobby spots
• Original theatrical trailers
• Trailer commentaries with Sam Hamm, Stuart Gordon and Joe Dante
• Promotional and on-set photography, poster art and archive materials
• Limited Edition box set exclusive booklets with new essays by Kat Ellinger, Dan Whitehead, Rebecca Nicole Williams, Michael Hyatt and Josephine Botting, archival interview materials, contemporary reviews, and film credits
• UK premieres on Blu-ray
• Limited Edition box set of 6,000 numbered copies