Harryhausen: The Movie Posters from Titan

Harryhausen: The Movie Posters    Richard Hollis; foreword by John Landis

There is no better writer to collate this handsome volume of posters for the memorable films of Ray Harryhausen than Richard Hollis, long one of the most astute commentators on the fantasy and science fiction genre. Harryhausen’s astonishing stop-motion effects created an army of fantastic creatures over the years and enhanced many films both good (such as Jason and the Argonauts) and others worthwhile only for his special effects. It’s something of a cliché to note that although CGI has replaced stop-motion animation with more seamless, realistic effects, the new creations in that medium lack the very individual character that Harryhausen created with his very hands-on (literally so) approach. And with the oversized format of Harryhausen: The Movie Posters, as we are able to appreciate the striking posters that drew so many of us into cinemas in the 1960s. What’s more, Richard Hollis has assembled several foreign posters which are often different from the more familiar US/UK posters. Ray Harryhausen has been much written about over the year, but this is something that will be new for most collectors, and it is very cherishable.

Harryhausen: The Movie Posters by Richard Hollis is published by Titan